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Шановні наші кліенти, ми відновили свою роботу. Наша нова адреса - м.Рівне,вул Фабрична 12 оф. 304. 

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  • Furstin Anmun 03.09.2022, 06:31

    I apologise for the format of this email, but it is crucial that you respond.

    My name is Furstin Anmunt, and I'm from Austria married with a family in Estonia . my Husband is H.E. (Hanns Aiandama) Co founder OLEREX energy but is incapacitated due to ill health. I'm contacting you by this method in case I can't reach you by phone.

    Despite being married and living in Estonia with my family, I still face some restrictions as a woman to make so major decisions for my husbands business. I need your help because it's difficult for me even to conduct business with you in Crypto without your Cooperation .
    Foreigners will find it simple. In relation to the sum which is very huge to be covered by the investment plan.

    Until I hear from you, I'd prefer to keep this quick and private. You can contact me at info@anmuntfurstin.top or anmuntfurstin@gmail.com or WhatsApp on +37254995530,

    Have a nice day

    Furstin Anmunt

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